Keke has been creating videos since 2006. The moment she held a video camera and used an editing program, her creativity sparked and ignited a passion for filmmaking. In 2011, she studied Cinema Arts at Vanguard University of Southern California and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with an emphasis in Production. She developed a love for the production and post-production sides of filmmaking. Her expertise and passion is editing, although she still does cinematography and photography work as well. Keke is currently working full-time as a contracted TV show editor for reality TV show Pigman The Series airing on The Sportsman Channel and The Outdoor Channel. She loves making graphics and digital illustration works on the side.

Keke has worked on numerous videos for clients including The History Channel, Ovrture, Digital Dawn, Momentum Entertainment, Global Center for Women and Justice, Vanguard University, and The Todd Duncan Group. She has worked on a variety of content such as reality TV, television commercials, TV sizzles, documentaries, music videos, short films, news coverage videos, wedding videos, corporate promos, and live events.

Keke's recent achievements include four film festival awards for her short drama To Love Unconditionally (2015) and The Sportsman Channel's Best New Series award for Just Junie (2017).

We made it! Our show won Best New Series!!! So excited & honored to work on this show with awesome p
Editor of Just Junie
Editor of Pigman The Series
The crew! #DualityFilmworks #DigitalDawn #RealityTV #OutdoorSportsmanAwards
And this, folks, is what a half hour of TV looks like
Stay organized, friends
One of my favorite cameras
Working the jib
Filming a Star Trek Documentary
Filming Corporate Promos
Trying out the new VR gear
SoCal Film Festival Nominee
Temecula Film Festival Winner
Vanguard Film Festival Winner
Editor of To Love Unconditionally
Director of To Love Unconditionally

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